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Sunrise in Xochimilco

Birds at Dawn Tour 

águila pescadora

What you should not miss is the sunrise, a range of tones, colors, local and migratory birds await you all year long, enjoy the dance of the Sun.

The lake area of Xochimilco has birds associated with aquatic and terrestrial environments. 212 species of wild birds have been recorded, which represents 60 percent of all known species in Mexico City.

Tour Aves al amanecer

Thanks to the chinampero ecosystem, these are some of the species that you will be able to observe during your tour:
ducks , herons, plovers, chichicuilotes, white pelican , cormorant, kingfisher , fishing hawk...

December, January and February
the best season for bird watching, since more than 90 species arrive in Xochimilco directly from Canada and the United States of A.

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